Working Group on Radiation Protection Certification and Qualification

Terms of Reference

Certification Process

  1. Review the various certification processes now being used in the IRPA Associate Societies (and countries) that have provided documentation, Canada, UK, and US.
  2. Develop a draft document of guiding principles for the development and implementation of such a certification process that would be applicable internationally and useful to IRPA Associate Societies that would like to initiate such a certification process or improve an existing process in their countries.
  3. Provide the first draft of this document by 30 March 2012, if possible, for discussion at the Associate Societies Forum at IRPA13 in Glasgow. If that is not possible, provide the draft document for posting on the IRPA website by the end of 2012 so that discussions can begin in the Associate Societies Forums at the regional congresses beginning in 2013.
  4. The goal is to have a document prepared for approval as an IRPA publication at the General Assembly of IRPA 14 in 2016.

Qualifications for Radiation Protection Expert

  1. Review the guidance documents prepared by the American Academy of Health Physics on University RSO, Health Care RSO and Expert Witness.
  2. Provide a recommendation to the IRPA Executive Council for their meeting in 2013 about the advisability of IRPA producing such guidance documents applicable internationally.


Kent Lambert (co-chair), United States
Colin Partington (co-chair), United Kingdom

Abdalla Alhaj, Saudi Arabia
Alexander Brandl, Austria
Frik Beeslaar, South Africa
Kun-Woo Cho, South Korea
Vadim Chumak, Ukraine
Giorgio Cucchi, Italy
Jeff Dovyak, Canada
Hielke Freerk Boersma, Netherlands
Daniele Giuffrida, Italy
Qiuju Guo, China
Toshiso Kosako, Japan
Gregor Omahen, Slovenia
Brent Rogers, Australia
Diva E. Puig, Uruguay
Heleen van Elsacker, Netherlands

For more information, see the page on Radiation Protection Certification and Qualification.