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IRPA 14 Cape Town, May 2016

Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association

These proceedings comprise 244 papers and 660 abstracts, including contributions relating to the Prize lectures, the twelve topical areas highlighted at the congress, the 50th Anniversary of IRPA celebration session, the 20 Refresher Courses, and the presentations of the Associate Societies. Being more than 2000 pages in total, they are divided into five volumes, each available here for free download.

  Volume 1
Area 1: Fundamental Science
Area 2: Policy, Standards and Culture
  Volume 2
Area 3: Medical
Area 4: General Ionising Radiation Protection
  Volume 3
Area 5: Optimisation and Design of New Facilities
Area 6: Radiation Detection and Dosimetry
  Volume 4
Area 7: Environment and Natural Background
Area 8: Transport / Sealed Source Management
Area 9: Non-ionising Radiation
  Volume 5
Area 10: Emergency Preparedness and Management
Area 11: Decommissioning, Waste Management and Remediation
Area 12: Societies