The following issues are monitored by the IRPA Executive Council because of their potential impact on the practice of radiation protection. Users are encouraged to add to the discussion on each topic by leaving comments. These must be constructive, ideally providing new information with references. Comments not relevant to the topic and unprofessional remarks will be removed without warning. Major developments will be shared with the IRPA community through the IRPA news and other channels.

IRPA Associate Societies will be invited to suggest updates to this list. Please note the intention to maintain a relatively short list of the highest-priority issues.

Assessment of Dose to the Lens of the Eye

Developments in Tissue Reactions and Related Science

LNT for Radiation Protection

Low-Dose and Low-Dose-Rate Risk

Optimisation of Radiation Protection for (Paediatric) Patients

Practical Aspects of the Proposed Revision to ICRU Operational Quantities

Practical Radiation Protection: Reasonableness, Conservatism and the Graded Approach

Revision of Radon Dose Coefficients