IRPA 12 Buenos Aires, October 2008

Refresher Course Materials

 RC 1 External Dosimetry in New Therapeutic Techniques PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 2 Cellular and Molecular Effects. Non-targeted Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 3 Implementing the Regulatory Authority Information System RAIS PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 4 Security of Radioactive Sources. Implementing the Code of Conduct and the Export-Import Guidance PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 5 Diagnostic Reference Levels in Medical Practise PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 6 Internal Dosimetry - The Science and Art of Internal Dose Assessment.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 7 Epidemiological Methods on Residential Radon and Cancer Risk PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 8 Managing Nuclear Knowledge PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 9 Environmental Surveillance Programs and Dose Assessment. Characterization of Individual Members of the Public PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 10 ALARA and Professional Networks - Promoting Optimisation of Radiation Protection.ppt   2012-12-02
 RC 11 NIR Measurements. Principles and Practices of EMF Characterization and Measurements PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 12 Early Biodosimetry Response Recommendations for Mass-Casualty Radiation Accidents and Terrorism PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 13 Strategies for Enhancing Security of Radioactive Materials PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 14 Optimisation of Protection in Pediatric Radiology PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 15 Radon Monitoring and Control of Radon Exposure.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 16 Implementation of the International Obligations on Emergency Notification and Response PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 17 Radiation Protection in Waste Management and Disposal.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 18 Shielding of Medical Facilities. Shielding Design Considerations for PET-CT Facilities PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 19 Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials. Security in Transport of Radioactive Materials PPT.pdf   2012-12-02
 RC 20 Radiation Protection in Industrial Applications of Radioactive Sources. Prevention of Accidents in Gammagraphy PPT.pdf   2012-12-02