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Last Updated on 11/10/2014 11:08:38 AM


IRPA Code of Ethics

Adopted May 2004

These principles are intended to aid members of IRPA Associate Societies in maintaining a professional level of ethical conduct related to radiation protection. They are to be regarded as guidelines. Members of Societies may use them to determine the propriety of their conduct in all relationships in which they are exercising their professional expertise. Associate Societies are encouraged to adopt or incorporate them as appropriate. If there is reason to believe that a member has breached this Code of Ethics, the Society to which the member belongs is expected to investigate and take appropriate measures.

IRPA Code of Ethics


IRPA Support of the ICRP Initiative on Ethics in Radiological Protection

IRPA Associate Societies are arranging regional workshops to support the work of ICRP Task Group 94 on Ethics of Radiological Protection.

1st Asian Workshop

Organised by KARP and hosted by KINS
Daejeon, Korea, August 2013

1st European Workshop (AIRP Link, SFRP Link)

Organised by AIRP and SFRP
Milan, Italy, December 2013

1st North American Workshop

Organised by HPS, CRPA, SMSR
Baltimore, USA, July 2014


A second round of regional workshops is being planned for 2015.