ICRU - International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements

ICRU was established in 1925 by the International Congress of Radiology. The principal objective was and has remained the development of recommendations on quantities and units or radiation and radioactivity, procedures for measurement and applications of these quantities and physical data needed to apply the quantities. The recommendations of the ICRU are complementary to those of ICRP and the two Commissions work together in many areas.

IRPA maintains contact with the work programme of ICRU and occasionally sends an observer to meetings of key committees. IRPA provides a small amount of funding to support the activities of ICRU.

Web site: http://www.icru.org/


The ICRU develops internationally acceptable recommendations regarding: (1) quantities and units of radiation and radioactivity; (2) procedures suitable for the measurement and application of these quantities in diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy, radiation biology, and industrial operations; and (3) physical data needed in the application of these procedures, the use of which tends to assure uniformity in reporting. The ICRU collects and evaluates the latest data and information pertinent to the problems of radiation measurement and dosimetry, and, through its publications, recommends the most acceptable values and techniques for current use. The Commission is assisted by some twenty Report Committees working on an ad hoc basis to produce draft reports on specific subjects.