LNT for Radiation Protection

NCRP Scientific Committee (SC) 1-25 on Recent Epidemiologic Studies and Implications for the Linear-Non threshold Model evaluated recent epidemiologic data relevant to the Linear-No-Threshold (LNT) model, primarily covering the past 10 to 15 years representing  the time since the epidemiologic data used by the National Academies’ Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR VII) and the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation 2006 reports were compiled.

SC 1-25 concluded that there was sufficient epidemiologic evidence consistent with the LNT model to continue to recommend it as a practical and prudent guide for radiation protection purposes. Ultimately, however, it will be necessary to base judgments on the complementary epidemiologic and animal LD/LDR data and to understand the causal and protective mechanisms for radiogenic cancer. The outcome of the SC 1-25 has been published as a NCRP commentary, Commentary No. 27 - Implications of Recent Epidemiologic Studies for the Linear-Non threshold Model and Radiation Protection (2018).