The General Assembly is the representative body of IRPA. The members of the General Assembly include the members of the Executive Council and delegates elected by and from the membership of the Associate Society in which the individual member is enrolled. The number of delegates eligible to attend the General Assembly is based on the number of full members included on the annual list used for calculating the dues for that year:

  • Less than 50 members: 2 delegates
  • 50-149 members: 3 delegates
  • 150-299 members: 4 delegates
  • 300+ members: 4 + (number of members - 300) / 200, rounded up

The General Assembly meets at each IRPA International Congress. Due to the pandemic, the IRPA15 meeting of teh General Assembly will be held virtually, and has been scheduled to begin 14 January 2021 at 11:30 UTC (e.g. 06:30 East Americas, 12:30 Europe, and 20:30 Korea/Japan). Four hours are scheduled, but it is planned to take less time.

All Associate Societies should have receieved an email message from IRPA Executive Officer Bernard LeGuen on 11 October 2020 requesting the names and email address of all delegates to the General Assembly, indicating who is the delegation leader, from each Associate Society. This information is required to manage attendance and voting, and must be sent by the end of October.

Further information is provided in a letter from IRPA President Roger Coates to all Associate Socities on 16 October 2020. This letter includes several proposals on how to hold the General Assembly as a virtual event. Associate Societes are asked to respond to these proposals no later than 6 November 2020.

The General Assembly Order of Agenda as planned is:

  1. Welcome, including membership and quorum issues
  2. Outcome of the next term Officers confirmation
  3. Confirm selection of IRPA16 Congress host, and hence the appointment of the Vice President for Congress Affairs: this completes the appointment of all the Officers for the next term Executive Council
  4. Outcome of first ballot round for next term elected EC members
  5. Announce second ballot candidates: allow 30 minutes for delegates or delegation leaders to cast votes
  6. Short presentation on the IRPA16 Congress by the new VP for Congress Affairs
  7. President’s Report
  8. Announce outcome of EC member second ballot: if necessary set up third ballot round
  9. Treasurers Report and budget – response to comment received
  10. IRPA17 Congress selection: announce winner and have short presentation
  11. Constitution amendment: discuss/approve, depending on responses received in advance
  12. Announce outcome of EC member third ballot: set up fourth round ballot if necessary
  13. Any key issues arising from the Associate Societies Forum
  14. Any Other Business
  15. Close of meeting

Materials for the General Assembly will be made available on this page.

Please consult this page regularly for further information on arrangements for the General Assembly.