Details of IRPA YGN Events


Seoul, May 2020

A next big date for the IRPA YGN is the IRPA international congress. What is IRPA YGN Leadership Committee planning for this event?

  • 10 May: IRPA YGN meeting (before the official Welcome Reception);
  • 12th or 13th May
  • YGN Special Session: keynotes, round table and debate on “Does Artificial Intelligence have a place in Radiation Protection?”
  • Youngs-get-together Lunch. Afternoon devoted to a social event and then gala dinner

This day would be very important to develop strong relationship among members of IRPA YGN. IRPA YGN will also be there at the Future of the Profession Session.

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YGNs from JHPS+SRP+KARP joint workshop

"The future of the radiation protection profession", 4 December 2019

The purpose of this joint JHPS-SRP-KARP Workshop of YGN is to encourage the active participation of young professionals and promote the interaction of YGN to help them establish mentoring in their area of interest. Programme under construction.

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YGNs from JHSP+KARP joint workshop

November 2018
The joint workshop of YGNs between KARP (Korean Association for Radiation Protection) and JHPS (Japan Health Physics Society) was proposed at AOCRP-5. The workshop took place at the occasion of the KARP annual meeting. It was the opportunity for the YGNs to present their activities and plans several research projects and also to discuss future plans and collaboration. Would you like to now more? contact

The IRPA YGN will be officially launching at the 2018 IRPA European Congress at The Hague. To celebrate its launch, we will be hosting the following events:

IRPA YGN Session at AFRIRPA-5: Introduction and networking

Friday 7 September, 18:00, Arena Congress & Event Centre, Tunis, Tunis.
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After La Habana, Melbourne and The Hague and JHSP Annual Conference (Sapporo, Japan), the IRPA YGN will be introduced in a new continent with at AFRIRPA-5 Congress. The event will be also the opportunity for young professionals and scientists to meet together, network and discuss about the future.

IRPA YGN Networking and Introduction Session

Thursday 7th June, 13:30 – 19:00, World Forum, The Hague
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The event will give attendees the opportunity to meet a combination of Young Professionals and Students from across Europe and the wider world.

As part of the event a number of short (5 – 10 minute) presentations will be given from representatives of National Radiation Protection YGN, such as France, the UK, Austria and Spain, about the work of their networks.

In addition, the IRPA YGN Leadership Team will deliver a short introductory presentation about the IRPA YGN and its mission going forward.

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The presentation and a synthesis are available as pdf.
Many thanks to the speakers!

IRPA YGN Session at the AOCRP-5

Tuesday 22nd May, 11:05 – 12:45, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne
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The launch of the IRPA YGN will also be celebrated with its introductory presentation at the 5th Asian and Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress on Radiation Protection (AOCRP-5) in Melbourne, right before the 2018 IRPA European Congress. The participants in this session can see the current situation of young professionals and their local networks in the field of radiation protection in Asian and Oceanian countries such as Japan, Korea, China and Australia.

The wave of young generation is spreading to Asia and Oceania as well as Europe!

For further details please email: Akihiro Sakoda at

The presentation and a synthesis are available as pdf.
Many thanks to the speakers!