IRPA YGN Leadership Committee

What is the IRPA YGN Leadership Committee?

Established in 2017 the primary focus of the committee has been to establish the IRPA YGN, with its official launch scheduled for the IRPA European Congress at The Hague. Going forward the committee will be driving the growth and development of the network in line with our Mission Statement and Objectives.

Who are the IRPA YGN Leadership Committee?

The committee is made up of volunteers from France, Austria, the UK and Japan. Going forward we are keen to add new volunteers to the leadership committee with the aim of representing as many countries as possible. Should you be interested in joining please contact

Chair: Sylvain Andresz (France)

Sylvain has an initial background of engineer in the management of industrial risks. Fascinated by the nuclear energy, its scientific bases and challenges he then specialised with a second diploma in nuclear engineering and neutronics. After experiences at the French utility EDF and Areva (now Orano) he joined the Nuclear Evaluation Protection Centre (CEPN); an organization devoted to the study of radiological protection, under its technical, health, economics and social aspects.

Sylvain is currently Junior Researcher, working on the evaluation and application of the optimisation principle for the different exposure situations. He also provides lectures at university and schools. Sylvain is member of the French Society for Radiological Protection (SFRP) and regularly speaks at its congresses. SFRP rebooted its Youth Club in 2016 and Sylvain is its Vice-chair. At an international scale, he is Secretary of the European ALARA Network and is involved in the work of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).

As for hobbies, Sylvain regularly practices running and cycling and enjoy the art of cooking (although not at the same time).

Pete Bryant (UK)

Pete is a Trustee and President Elect of the UK Society for Radiological Protection. Much of his career has been spent working in consultancy on a variety of projects in the UK and abroad, prior to joining EDF Nuclear New Build, as a Decommissioning and Radiological Specialist. He currently provides technical leadership and support to the Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C projects, in the areas of Radioactive Waste Management, Dose Assessment and Radiation Protection.

Pete is an active member of the SRP and has represented the SRP at various IRPA events, including speaking on the fields of Radiation Safety Culture and Risk Integration; and at government workshops on the exit of the EURATOM Treaty. He additionally holds a position at the University of Liverpool and University of Surrey and is actively involved in lecturing and researching in the field of Radiation Protection.

Jess Revill (UK)

Jess is Chair of the YGN for the UK’s Society for Radiological Protection (SRP), known as the Rising Generations Group (RGG). Her scientific career began as an Analytical Chemist in a Quality Control laboratory for a Pharmaceutical company, whereupon a number of years later she decided to pursue her real passion for physics. Whilst completing her bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Physics, Jess took part-time employment with Canberra UK (now Miron Technologies) and Amec Foster Wheeler (now Wood plc). Upon finishing university Jess started a full-time position as Health Physicist at Rolls-Royce Submarines – designer and manufacturer of nuclear reactors for the UK’s Royal Navy submarines. Jess has now been at Rolls-Royce for three years and is an aspiring RPA. She enjoys attending outreach events with SRP and is a big believer in actively engaging with the public when it comes to radiation safety issues.

Christoph Stettner (Austria)

Coming soon

Secretary: Akihiro Sakoda (Japan)

Akihiro received a PhD in Health Sciences from Okayama University in 2009. He has been working as a scientist for the Ningyo-toge Environmental Engineering Center of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency since 2010. In 2014, he was also a guest scientist at Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany. The main field of his research is environmental radioactivity; in particular, the evaluation of behavior of radon in the environment, and the dose assessment in a variety of radon exposure routes for experimental animals as well as humans. He is now interested in field work in terms of radioecology as well.

Akihiro is a member of the Japan Health Physics Society, was the chair of the Young Researchers Association of the JHPS (2016-2017), and is a member of the editorial board of “Japanese Journal of Health Physics” (2015-present).

Takahiko Kono (Japan)

Takahiko has belonged to Environmental protection section, Radiation Protection Department, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) since 2006. His main majors in JAEA are radiation protection, environmental radioactivity and low-level liquid effluent monitoring around Tokai Reprocessing Plant. He has been interested in following 3 research themes; 1) Environmental effect assessment and environmental monitoring around nuclear power facilities, 2) Development of environmental monitoring techniques, 3) Assessment of internal exposure dose for radiation workers and the general around nuclear power facilities. In addition, he studied development of marine environmental radioactivity monitoring techniques (especially analytical method of radiostrontium in seawater) in Radiometrics laboratory, Environmental Laboratories, International Atomic Energy Agency(Monaco) as a cost-free expert in 2016.

Takahiko was a president in Young Researchers Association, Japan Health Physics Society(JHPS) for half a year in 2015. Especially, after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, as a member of Steering Committee of this Q&A site in JHPS, he had been engaged in the communication with the public via the internet in order to share right information on radiation protection for approximately two years.

Wi-Ho Ha (Korea)

Wi-Ho received a PhD in nuclear engineering from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. Since 2006, he has worked at the NREMC (National Radiation Emergency Medical Center) of KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences) as a research scientist in the field of radiation dosimetry. Now he is leading the laboratory of health physics at the KIRAMS. And he has served as the secretary of ARADOS (Asian Radiation Dosimetry Group) and a member of the internal contamination WG of WHO-REMPAN (World Health Organization-Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network). And he is a member of KARP (Korea Association for Radiation Protection) and the leader of emergency preparedness and response WG included in KARP YSG (Young Scientist Group).