IRPA YGN Aims and Objectives

What is the IRPA YGN?

The IPRA Young Generation Network is an international network of “Young Professionals” across the field of Radiation Protection. Its primary function is to promote communication, collaboration and professional development of Students and Young Professionals in the area of Radiation Protection and its allied fields.

Membership of the IRPA YGN is open to all members of national radiation protection YGN’s, and where a national YGN is not in place, students or professionals working within the first 10 years of the career in the field of radiation protection or its allied fields.

Our vision

Our vision is:

“To be recognised as the leading international network and voice for young professionals and students in the field of Radiation Protection”

Our Mission

Our mission is:

“To encourage, inspire and develop the next generation of radiation protection professionals across the world and promote the communication and collaboration of our members”

Our Objectives

Underpinning our mission are the following core objectives. These will develop as the network grows and moves forward:

  • Attracting individuals into the field of Radiation Protection, by engaging and inspiring them early in their career journeys.
  • Enable the development of students and young professionals studying / working in the field of Radiation Protection by providing valuable personal and professional development and growth opportunities.
  • Providing a supportive and growing community, promoting communication and collaboration to help retain young professionals working in the field of Radiation Protection.
  • Improve the understanding of Radiation Protection and its allied fields across the world by being ambassadors for the field.

A Strategic Agenda for the 2022-2024 period has been developed by the IRPA YGN leadership committee to lay out how the IRPA YGN intends to address these 5 key themes for the following years and to ensure that these activities are aligned with the vision and objectives.

The Terms and Conditions for the Operation of the IRPA Young Generation Network are also available for reading.