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IRPA webinar recording now available
2024-05-13 In case you missed the latest IRPA webinar from April 24, 2024, you can now view the recording online. This webinar covered the IRPA Task Group on Public Understanding, the Young Generation Network, and of course, IRPA16!
Join our next IRPA webinar - Wednesday, April 24, from 02:00 p.m. to 03:00 p.m CEST
2024-04-24 This webinar will cover news on the IRPA Task Group on Public Understanding, the Young Generation Network (YGN) and of course, the topic on everyone's mind these days - IRPA16! Register using the link above.
2024 Election of the Executive Council Members of the Association
2024-04-14 During the IRPA General Assembly which will be held during IRPA16 in Orlando, Florida on July 10, 2024, new Executive Council Members will be elected. Follow the link to see the candidate profiles and find more information on the election process.
IRPA-IAEA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
2024-01-08 As IRPA President, Dr. Bernard Le Guen, wrote in the September IRPA Bulletin, IRPA has recently signed an MoU with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). A copy of the agreement is now posted on the IRPA website - check it out to see all the details!
The September 2023 IRPA Bulletin is now online!
2023-10-10 The latest issue has lots of updates and news - including the newly signed MOU between IRPA and the IAEA!
IRPA16 Call for Papers Extended
2023-10-03 The deadline for submitting abstracts for IRPA 16 has been extended to Dec. 1, 2023. Visit the IRPA 16 website ( to submit an abstract and for other details.
IRPA16 call for papers is now open!
2023-07-31 The 16th International Congress of the IRPA (IRPA16) will take place during July 7-12, 2024, in Orlando, USA, with the theme: Radiation Harmonization: Standing United for Protection. All abstracts must be submitted by 1 October 2023.
IRPA Bulletin - June 2023
2023-07-07 The latest issue of the IRPA Bulletin is now online!

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