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IRPA16 First Announcement
2023-03-20 We are very pleased to share the First Announcement for IRPA16, taking place 7-12 July, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, USA
World Health Organization Update
2023-02-14 The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its list of medicines that should be stockpiled for radiological and nuclear emergencies, along with policy advice for their appropriate management.
IRPA Bulletin - December 2022
2022-12-22 Our last Bulletin for 2022 has been posted online! Season's greetings and all the best wishes for 2023
IRPA Bulletin - September 2022
2022-09-27 Catch up on all the IRPA news in our latest Bulletin!
June 2022 IRPA Bulletin
2022-07-19 The June 2022 issue of the IRPA Bulletin is now available!
Read the first issue of the IRPA Bulletin for 2022 - online now!
Opportunity to work with ICRP Scientific Secretariat
IRPA signs a memorandum of understanding with the International Society of Radiology

IRPA Bulletin

Issue 36 (December 2022)

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