Rolf M. Sievert Award

Commencing with the 1973 IRPA Congress, each International Congress has been opened by the Sievert Lecture which is presented by the winner of the Sievert Award. This award is in honour of Rolf M. Sievert, a pioneer in radiation physics and radiation protection.

The Sievert Award consists of a suitable scroll, certificate or parchment, containing the name of the recipient, the date it is presented, and an indication that the award honours the memory of Professor Rolf M. Sievert.


The 2021 Sievert Award winner is Prof. Eliseo Vañó. Emeritus Professor of Medical Physics of the Department of Radiology of the Complutense University of Madrid. You can read more about Prof. Vañó here



All recipients of the Sievert Award are listed below:


Prof. Eliseo Vañó

Why is Radiological Protection Different in Medicine? (Video)

Journal of Radiological Protection, Volume 41, Number 3

2016 Dr. John Boice

 How to Protect the Public When you Can't Measure the Risk - The Role of Radiation Epidemiology

2012 Dr. Richard Osborne

A Story of T
Lightly edited transcript of Dr. Osborne's lecture

2008 Prof. Christian Streffer

Radiological Protection: Challenges and Fascination of Biological Research
Stralenschutz Praxis 2009/2, pp 35-45, 2009

2004 Dr. Abel J. Gonzalez

Protecting Life against the Detrimental Effects Atributable to Radiation Exposure: Towards a Globally Harmonized Radiation Protection Regime
Paper prepared for IRPA

2000 Prof. Dr. Itsuzo Shigematsu

Lessons from Atomic Bomb Survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Health Physics 78(3), pp 234-241, 2000

1996 Dr. Daniel Beninson

Risk of Radiation at Low Doses
Health Physics 71(2), pp 122-125, 1996

1992 Dr. Giovanni Silini

Ethical Issues in Radiation Protection
Health Physics 63(2), pp 139-148, 1992

1988 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jacobi

Environmental Radioactivity and Man
Health Physics 55(6), pp 845-853, 1988

1984 Sir Edward Pochin
United Kingdom

Sieverts and Safety
Health Physics 46(6), pp 1173-1179, 1984

1980 Dr. Lauriston. S. Taylor

Some Nonscientific Influences on Radiation Protection Standards and Practice
Health Physics 39 (December), pp 851-874, 1980

1977 Prof. W.V. Mayneord
United Kingdom

The Time Factor in Carcinogenesis
Health Physics 34 (April), pp 297-309, 1978

1973 Prof. Bo Lindell

Radiation and Man
Health Physics 31 (September), pp 265-272, 1976