In the April 2011 statement on tissue reactions and in Publication 118 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, a reduction in the equivalent eye dose limit in occupational exposure was recommended.

Following this, in 2012 IRPA initiated a process to survey the views of the Associate Societies worldwide and to provide a medium for discussion on the implications of implementation of the new limits for the lens of the eye in occupational exposure.

IRPA established a Task Group (TG) in December 2012 to provide an initial view by the ASs on the impact of implemention the reduced limit for the lens of the eye.

IRPA agreed to keep up constant monitoring and to ensure that the findings and concerns highlighted in the work done by the first TG were an integral part of the ongoing international discussion on the implementation of the revised dose limit to the lens of the eye.

In January 2015 IRPA established a TG Phase 2, whose first aim was to create positive and complete awareness about radiation protection (RP) in the workplace, with attention given to exposure of the eye lens. Its second aim was to evaluate the response of the RP community following the first TG report, which was approved by the IRPA Executive Committee in July 2013.

The TG Phase 2, with members nominated by: AIRP Italy, SERP Spain, CRPA Croatia, SRP UK, HPS US, SARPA South Africa, SAR Argentina and JHPS Japan, defined and promoted a survey with reference to:

  • the best applied methods for monitoring dose to the lens;
  • the updated and optimized methods used to reduce dose to the eye; and,
  • the ongoing path towards implementation in the different countries at a legislative level.

At the same time, this TG provides an opportunity to obtain the views of professionals of the IRPA ASs, concerning and related to the wider generic issue of tissue reactions.