Consultation on: The State of Radiological Protection - Views of the Radiation Protection Profession

The views of those attending IRPA13 are sought on this paper to be submitted for publication in the Journal of Radiological Protection.

The document is intended to capture the views of the radiation protection profession as expressed at the IRPA13 Congress, Glasgow, May 2012. We are very keen to ensure that your views have been accurately expressed and so welcome any comments you may have on the paper.

If you have any comments please submit them to cc to Please take note of the instructions below:

  • please provide your comments in an email referring, if necessary, to the document page and line no.
  • please do not send a copy of the document with track changes to indicate your comments.
  • please do not send comments relating to simple typos as we will ‘catch’ these in the editing process.

The deadline for submission of comments is – 7th October. We will unfortunately be unable to take account of comments received after this date.

Thank you for participating in the review process
Ted Lazo
Chair IRPA13 Programme Committee