ICRP Symposium on the International System of Radiological Protection

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) will hold its next meeting together with its standing Committees in North Bethesda, Maryland, USA, in October 2011. This meeting, held only once every two years, brings together the scientists and policy makers from around the world who are members of ICRP. The recommendations of ICRP form the basis of radiation safety standards, regulations, policies, guidelines, programs, and practice world-wide.
The First ICRP Symposium on the International System of Radiological Protectionis being organized in parallel with this meeting. The Symposium will be held October 24 to 26. With participation from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia andAustralia, this symposium will be of interest to everyone in the field of radiological protection.
The overall System of Radiological Protection recommended by ICRP is described in ICRP Publication 103. This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in radiological protection to hear about the System directly from those who have developed it. Participants will learn not only about how the System operates, but also its ethical foundations, the logic behind it, and how it has been applied in practical situations.
The opening plenary session will provide useful information on the System of Radiological Protection, and insight into the ongoing work of ICRP in relation to other key organizations in radiological protection. Other sessions will cover topical issues such as: protection against radon in homes and workplaces; protection of medical patients; environmental protection; and radiological protection related to security screening.
Presentations will be made by ICRP Main Commission and Committee members, senior members of other international organizations, and officials and industry representatives from around the world. Time for open discussions will ensure an interactive exchange of ideas.
More details can be found in the First Announcement of the Symposium.