ICRP Launches New Web Site

On ICRP November 2nd launched a new website.  Visit  www.icrp.org  to see the improvements!

At the same time, a new way to manage notifications of consultations and other news items has been instituted.  Those who wish to register to receive these notifications can do so by going to www.icrp.org, clicking on “Register for Updates” at the top of the page, and following the instructions found there.  Notifications can be received by Email and/or Twitter.  Please note that notifications based on the Email mailing list used in the past have been discontinued.

Christopher Clement CHPScientific Secretary, International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).  Email. sci.sec@icrp.orgFax: +1 (613) 944-1920.  Tel. +1 (613) 944-1918.  Assistant: Lynn Lemaire, admin@icrp.org, +1 (613) 947-9750.