Ibero-American Forum - FORO - A Radiation Protection Resource

The Ibero-American Forum of Radiation and Nuclear Safety Regulatory Agencies (the FORO), is an Association of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Agencies created in 1997 whose objective is to promote radiation and nuclear safety and security at the highest level in the Ibero-American region.

The Vision of the FORO is being a fruitful environment for the strengthening of the regulatory organizations in the member countries of the FORO through the exchange of information and experiences as well as the development of a technical program whose objective is to harmonize actions in areas of regulatory interest identified as priorities by its members. The major fields of interest at present are: radiation protection of installations, radiation protection of patients, source control, nuclear safety & security, knowledge management. The official language of the FORO is Spanish.

Current Members of the FORO are:

  • ArgentinaAutoridad Regulatoria Nuclear
  • BrazilComissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear
  • ChileComisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear    
  • CubaCentro Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear
  • SpainConsejo de Seguridad Nuclear
  • MexicoComisión Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias
  • PerúInstituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear
  • UruguayAutoridad Reguladora Nacional en Radioprotección 

Bearing in mind its statutory objectives the FORO has assigned the highest priority to the development of an ‘Iberoamerican Knowledge Sharing Network’ as the main tool to facilitate and enhance knowledge sharing among its members, the staff from other regulatory agencies and public in general.

The FORO and the International Atomic Energy Agency cooperate towards achieving a high level of radiation and nuclear safety and security in a sustainable manner in the Ibero American region. Important technical projects are being funded by FORO through an IAEA’s Extra Budgetary Program. 

The FORO´s Statute establishes its objective, functional characteristics, and organization. Within its context, the FORO is open to all countries of the Ibero-American Region that wish to participate and to share their experiences and lessons learned. To know more about the FORO please visit us at www.­foroiberam.­org or contact us at info@foroiberam.org