3rd Asian and Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress

Dr. Noriah Bt. Mod Ali, Secretary of MARPA (Malaysia)

AOCRP-3 was held in Tokyo in May, with 487 participants from 31 countries. 64 oral and 189 poster presentations in 12 different themes and 29 special presentations including 9 refresher courses and 8 luncheon seminars were made. Selected papers will be published as a supplement of “Radiation Protection Dosimetry” journal. 3 student sessions were also organized. There were 9 Japanese exhibitions and 5 overseas exhibitions.

IRPA Associated Societies Forum was held on 25 May.  Mr. Kenneth R. Kase, President of IRPA, introduced the IRPA Strategy with the emphasis of the recent IRPA initiative on Radiation Protection Culture by welcoming the Asian regional workshop on Radiation Protection Culture, which is scheduled to be held on 24 November 2010 in Korea. Mr. Jacques Lochard, IRPA Executive Officer, presented remarks on the IRPA Rules Changes to adapt the revision of the IRPA Charter to clarify the terms of the references of IRPA committees, procedures for E.C. member election and IRPA Congress venue selection.  IRPA E.C. Member Mr. Bernard Le Guen briefly introduced the first International Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture, which was held in November 2009 in Paris and pointed out that there is still need for the further development of the definition, elements, and values of RP Culture.

These were followed by introduction of the current activities of Asian associate societies. Mr. Kun-Woo Cho, Chairman of International Relations Committee of KARP, introduced the “Feedback Experience with the Implementation of ICRP Recommendations” in China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. He pointed out that the establishment of dose constraints and reference levels in each country, taking into account national social and cultural environments, is the most outstanding issue to be incorporated. Most Asian countries are taking the appropriate steps for the implementation of ICRP 103 and new IAEA BSS. Mr. Hidenori Yonehara, President of JHPS, presented the “Discussion and Activity on the Revision of IAEA-BSS in Japan”. Mr. Sei-Chul Yoon, President of KARP, introduced the “Issue of Medical Exposures in Korea”, which highlighted the significant increase in the use of medical radiation in radiation oncology and diagnostic radiology, particularly CT, PET, and PET/CT during the last two decades. And the round table discussion session was followed with the host of Mr. Jong Kyung Kim, President of AOARP, for the exchange of views on the matters raised by Associate Societies and for the summary of AOARP Associate Societies’ RP activities.

The IRPA Special Session held on 26 May was chaired by Ken Kase.  Jacques Lochard introduced the recent evolution of the conduct of IRPA. Mr.  Kase also introduced “The Role of IRPA in Professional Enhancement: A New Challenge”.  The round table discussion was followed with the host for the exchange of views on promoting excellence and recognition of radiation protection in Asia and Oceania. AOCRP-3 also invited speakers from IAEA, WHO, and ICRP.