Second IRPA International Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture


The Second IRPA International Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, USA on 10 – 11 February 2011. This will follow immediately the 2011 Midyear Topical Meeting of the Health Physics Society, 6 – 9 February 2011 at the same location ( Information about registration and accommodation booking for both the HPS meeting and the IRPA Workshop will be available on the IRPA website later this year.

The outcome of the First Workshop held in Paris in December 2009 (see the report from the First Workshop) should be studied by all IRPA Associate Societies. I expect that reactions, comments and new ideas will be discussed at the Associate Society Forums held this year at the 4 IRPA Regional Congresses in Tokyo, Helsinki, Nairobi and Medellin.

The 2nd Workshop will build on the outcome of the First Workshop and the discussions on Radiation Protection Culture at the Associate Society Forums. I encourage all IRPA Associate Societies, especially those in the Americas, to send one or two delegates to participate in this Workshop so that the final IRPA document on Radiation Protection Culture will include the perspective of all Associate Societies.

Kenneth Kase, President


Charleston Plenary Discussion 
Group 1 Report, Keep it Simple and Remember the Past 
Group 2 Comments 
Group 3 Report 
Ana María Bomben, Argentine Radiation Protection Society (SAR) 
Kimberly E. Applegate, Image Gently: An Educational Campaign for Everyone 
Priscilla Butler, Image Wisely 
Kun-Woo CHO, Report from Asian and Oceanic Workshop on RP Culture in Korea 
Eric Fries, Proposed NRC Safety Culture Policy Statement 
Takatoshi Hattori, Key input for RP Culture from JHPS  
Ken Kase, Initiative on RP culture 
Bernard LeGuen, Initiative on RP culture 
Alvaro Luongo, Sociedad Uruguaya de Radio protección 
Thalia Mills, Medical imaging radiation protection culture: an FDA perspective 
Celso Osimani, Radiation Protection Culture in Italy 
Dave Wilkins, Radiation Safety Culture in Health Care: Canadian Perspective