IRPA History Nears Completion

For several years, Geoff Webb, who was President of IRPA from 2000 to 2004, has been working on a history of IRPA in his role as Archivist and Historian. Using records provided by the US Health Physics Society, the UK Society for Radiological Protection, past IRPA Presidents and Officers, Geoff has put together a chronological record of the events and meetings leading up to the formation of IRPA in 1964.  Contributions by Rupprecht Maushart and Chris Huyskens, and personal recollections from Bo Lindell have been particularly valuable.  Geoff traces the development of the organization from the first Congress in Rome in 1966 up to the tenth Congress in Hiroshima in the year 2000. To mark the completion of the first full draft of the History Geoff will make a presentation during the opening plenary session of the Third European IRPA Congress to be held in Helsinki, Finland from 14-18 June 2010. The full history is expected to be published by the time of the 13th Congress in Glasgow, Scotland in 2012.