IRPA Executive Council Begins the Process to Expel Four Associate Societies

The IRPA Executive Council has begun the process of expelling four Associate Societies, namely: the Algerian Association of Medical Physicists, the Irish Radiation Research Society, the Turkish Radiation Protection Commission, and the Uruguayan Association of Radiation Protection. Letters have been sent to the last known officers and contacts of these associations notifying them that it is the intent of IRPA to bring before the next General Assembly on 22 October 2008 in Buenos Aires, the matter of their associations' expulsion.

These measures are taken with reluctance, but in recognition that these associations appear to be defunct, and in particular, have not paid any IRPA dues for several years. The relevant parts of the IRPA Constitution are Article III, Section 9 and Article VIII, Section 3.

In the case of Turkey and Uruguay, the action is being taken to enable new national associations to apply for IRPA membership. The IRPA Constitution only allows one national society to be a member; therefore, expelling in inactive one will enable a new or more active one to replace it.