New ICRP Internal Dosimetry Report Draft

A draft report from the ICRP Task Group on Internal Dosimetry, INDOS, is nearing completion. The draft is meant to become a report in the Supporting Guidance series, and addresses Interpretation of Bioassay Data. More information about the reasons for producing the draft and the underlying philosopy is available at the ICRP web site,

In order to download and comment on the draft, go to the ICRP web, select "Interpretation of bioassay data" and just to the right of the Document drop-down menu, click 'view document'!

If at all possible, the ICRP would appreciate consultation comments by Sunday 22 April, 2007. They are aware that it may be difficult to comply with such a short consultation period and are therefore prepared if unavoidable to accept some late replies. However, if extra time is needed, enter a brief formal comment with contact details and indicate when a comment could be completed.