New ICRP Draft Guidance Document: Bioassay Data Interpretation

The next fundamental Recommendations of ICRP are expected to be issued in 2007. As a consequence, dose coefficients for intakes of radionuclides given in Publications 30 and 68 and data for the interpretation of bioassay measurements in Publications 54 and 78 will need to be updated.

ICRP also recognises the need to provide further guidance on the interpretation of bioassay measurements. A Supporting Guidance Document is in preparation, and will provide a significant development from the information given in previous ICRP reports on this topic. Additional information is provided here.

Later, when the draft is nearing completion, it will be subjected to formal consultation as usual. An early draft is now made available here for information, and we would encourage informal comments by e-mail (subject line: 'Guidance doc'), preferably before 20 March 2006. Comments from those involved in occupational health physics would be particularly welcomed.