Consultation on the Next Fundamental ICRP Recommendations

The next set of fundamental ICRP Recommendations, intended to replace the 1990 Recommendations in ICRP Publication 60 is being prepared. As many members of the radiation protection community realize, this work has been in progress for several years. The ICRP has presented a number of iterations of conceptual ideas for these Recommendations, and with the collaboration and assistance of IRPA, the Journal of Radiological Protection, the Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD, and numerous other bodies, discussion has been ensured in much wider circles than just the core group of readers of ICRP reports.

Based on all the useful input received in response to the conceptual ideas discussed, the draft text for the next ICRP Recommendations is now close to completion. It has already been presented at the IRPA11 Congress in Madrid in May and at a number of other fora. The text is scheduled to be posted on the ICRP web site will then be a consultation period of about 6 months. All organizations and individuals with an interest in radiological protection are encouraged to plan for participation in this consultation.

For additional information, contact: Jack Valentin, ICRP Scientific Secretary, SE-17116 Stockholm, Sweden; Fax +46 8 729 729 8,