IAEA Conference on "Radiation Safety in Medicine - Setting the Scene for the Next Decade"

The health benefits accruing to mankind from the medical use of ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, or from radioactive substances are well recognized. Many countries are nevertheless still lacking access to essential radiation-based health services. However, on the whole the exposure of the global population to ionizing radiation is rising rapidly, nearly exclusively due to medical uses of radiation.

The conference will deal with aspects of radiation protection related to the use of ionizing radiation and radioactive substances in medicine.
The conference will have the following objectives, in particular:
- to indicate gaps in current approaches to radiation protection in medicine;
- to identify tools for improving radiation protection in medicine;
- to review advances, challenges and opportunities in the field of radiation protection in medicine;
- to assess the impact of the International Action Plan for the Radiation Protection of Patients, in order to prepare new international recommendations, taking into account newer developments.

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