ICNIRP's Call for Nomination to IRPA Societies

At its last Annual General Meeting, 30-31 October 2012, Rome, Italy, ICNIRP decided on a new workplan -> www.icnirp.org/workplan.htm and a new structure, which is now to be installed. The new structure foresees that a pool of external experts are chosen - following their election by the Commission members and a positive screening of their Declaration of Interests - to form the Scientific Expert Group (SEG). Members of the SEG are selected, when additional expertise is needed, to complement membership in the ICNIRP Project Groups (IPGs). IPGs are the new entities preparing the ICNIRP draft documents. As soon as the new structure is in place, the old structure with Standing Committees and Consulting Experts will be removed. 

SEG members are a very valuable support to ICNIRP as they are bringing in their specific expertise and adding considerable workpower. SEG members are in turn receiving indepth knowledge on ICNIRP's work practice and an opportunity to contribute to the development of science based NIR protection guidance. ICNIRP is continously looking at broadening its expertise base and extending external participation in the work process. 

SEG Call  for nominations - Open until 6 December 2012

ICNIRP is glad to call all IRPA societies to send their nominations for membership in the Scientific Expert Group to the Secretariat at info@icnirp.org until 6 December 2012 using the SEG form and providing all necessary documentation (DoI and CV with publication list). All forms are available for download atwww.icnirp.org/activities.htm.

ICNIRP Secretariat