IRPA Supports Translation of Bo Lindell's Works

IRPA is pleased to contribute to the “The Bo Lindell Translation Project” being coordinated by NSFS, the Nordic Society for Radiation Protection.

This purpose of the project is the translation of Bosse Lindell's "Strålningens, radioaktivitetens och strålskyddets historia" (The history of radiation, radioactivity, and radiological protection) from Swedish into English.

This massive work is divided into four books:

  • Part 1, Pandora’s Box. The time before World War II, 354 pages
  • Part 2, The Sword of Damocles. The 1940's, 564 pages
  • Part 3, The Labours of Hercules. 1950 - 1966, 770 pages
  • Part 4, The Toil of Sisyphus. 1967 - 1999+, 951 pages

The books were published by Atlantis, a Swedish publishing house specialised on high-quality editions of textbooks in the years 1996 - 2011.

The Nordic Society has appointed a Project Committee to initiate and organise the translation and to assist the translator(s) with advice on technical terms, and maintaining quality control functions. The Committee members, all personally acquainted with Lindell and participants in some of the later events described, are Chris Clement (CA, native English speaker), Per Hedemann Jensen (DK), Wendla Paile (FI), Sisko Salomaa (FI), Sigurður Magnússon (IS), Gunnar Saxeböl (NO) and Jack Valentin (SE, chair).

The timeframe for the project is estimated to be two years from signing of a contract. The translated volumes will be available for cost-free downloading from the web. Hard-copy versions will be provided at cost price through print-on-demand.

The funds to complete this work have been generously provided by the NSFS, Nordic Nuclear Safety Research, the five Nordic regulatory authorities, and IRPA.