IRPA Seeks Volunteers

The business of IRPA is carried out by the Executive Council, a Commission on Publications, and several Committees and Task Groups (see the IRPA Organisation).

The IRPA Executive Council has recently amended the Terms of Reference for some of these groups, and established several new ones. The IRPA President recently sent a letter to Associate Society Presidents seeking volunteers from among the IRPA membership for the following groups (select each for more information):

Radiation Protection Strategy and Practice Committee
Societies Admission and Development Committee
Montreal Fund Committee
Task Group on Public Understanding of Radiation Risk
Task Group on Radioactive Source Security
Commission on Publications

Nominations for membership in these groups should be sent by email to IRPA Executive Officer Bernard LeGuen ( by 2013 October 15, preferably from an official of an Associate Society, or at least indicating that an Associate Society supports the nomination.

Terms of Reference for several other groups (Education and Training, Recognition of Professional Competence, Young Professional Network) are in development.