Draft IAEA Document on Occupational Radiation Protection

IRPA is an observer to the IAEA Radiation Safety Standards Committee (RASSC) in order to represent the views of, and convey important information to, the IRPA membership.

RASSC is now reviewing a draft document on Occupational Radiation Protection.  The IRPA Executive Council considers this to be of particular interest to IRPA members, and therefore is providing notification of the availability of an early draft at:


This early draft is currently undergoing internal comment by RASSC. The official comment period, typically lasting 120 days, is exepcted to be in 2014.  At that time, the IRPA Executive Council will organise the collection of comments from IRPA members if there is sufficient interest.

Meanwhile, if there are any pressing comments on the early draft Associate Societies are asked to direct them to their IAEA Member State representative to RASSC, or president@irpa.net. Please do not send comments on this early draft directly to the IAEA.