Intercomparison on in-situ, In-Air Radon Measurements

The Italian Radiation Protection Society (AIRP) is organising, with collaboration other bodies (*), an intercomparison on in-situ, in-air radon measurements.

The intercomparison will take place in the beautiful cave of the LURISIA spas, situated in the province of Cuneo, in northern Italy, an excavation site that was visited by Marie Curie in 1918, where extremely high concentrations of uranium and radon in air (and in water) are present.

The intercomparison will be technically held during the next summer, but Laboratories' subscriptions will be closed by the end of May.

Final results, in anonymous form, will be presented and discussed during a multiple-day event to be held in LURISIA during springtime 2015.

Participation fee is 200 € for a 20-device set.

We would like to invite your Organisation to participate to this Intercomparison, or to encourage spreading this information among Members of your Society, namely Companies and Laboratories performing passive radon-in-air measurements.

This may be an excellent opportunity to check measurements accuracy and capabilities under field conditions, regularly needed, also according to the ISO17025 standard.

The LURISIA Intercomparison will be managed according to the usual, strictest intercomparison ISO standards, with the direct intervention and supervision of experts from the Italian National Institute for Ionizing Radiation Metrology.

 You may find additional information on the Intercomparison in the leaflet, at this address.

Subscription form is available at this address.

Payments can be done according to the modalities indicated at this address.



(*) The Intercomparison is jointly organised by the Italian Radiation Protection Society (AIRP), the environmental agency ARPA Piemonte, the Politecnico di Milano, the Italian Workers’ Compensation Authority INAIL, and the Italian National Institute for Ionizing Radiation Metrology.