IRPA President Roger Coates awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Roger Coates, IRPA President, has been awarded an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) on the occasion of the Queen's 90th birthday celebration, for Services to Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection.

The British 'honours system recognises people who have made achievements in public life, and committed themselves to serving and helping Britian.' Recipients 'have made life better for other people or be outstanding at what they do.'

The OBE is a significant honour 'awarded for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area.'

On receiving the honour, Roger remarked that 'It is of course a great personal honour, but I am fortunate to have had a very interesting career covering both radiation protection and nuclear safety. I have now had the opportunity to use whatever experience I have to put something back into the profession, and I would like to think that it is this contribution that is being recognised. It illustrates the importance of taking opportunities to work with professional bodies such as SRP and IRPA, and hence help to develop and improve the way we operate as practitioners, for the benefit of all.'