IRPA Executive Council Supports Free ICRP Publications

ICRP has recently launched an an initiative to make access to the Annals of the ICRP free. I see this as transformational for our profession. Not only will all radiation protection professionals, including the more than 18,000 members of IRPA, have easier access to the recommendations that are the foundation of our work, but other interested professionals, policy makers, and members of the public will also have free access.

To make all ICRP publications free, other than the most recent rolling two years, EUR 500,000 needs to be raised by the end of 2018. The UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and the US Department of Energy each contributed about EUR 50,000 to kickstart the initiative, and others are beginning to join in. Knowing that this will have a very positive global impact on our profession in perpetuity, the IRPA Executive Council has pledged EUR 10,000 to the cause.

I will contact each IRPA Associate Society in the new year with further details.

- Roger Coates, IRPA President