Bo Lindell

Bo Lindell’s History of Radiation, Radioactivity, and Radiological Protection

Third book, ‘The Labours of Hercules’, now available for free in English!

Bo Lindell’s authoritative four-book series, The History of Radiation, Radioactivity, and Radiological Protection, resting on this first-hand experience and scientific accuracy and spiced with his vivid sense of humour, has been translated into English as a joint effort by the Nordic Society for Radiation Protection (NSFS); the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS); the five Nordic regulatory authorities; and the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

The third book in the series, The Labours of Hercules, is now available. This exciting and eminently readable book revolves around Rolf Sievert’s achievements and the intense international developments from 1950 to 1966: progress of nuclear power, nuclear weapons proliferation and global radioactive fallout, significant releases of radioactive materials due to nuclear accidents, vast improvements in radiation-related medical diagnostics and therapy, far-reaching scientific discoveries including the role and structure of DNA, all described in Bo Lindell’s personal narrative with many amusing and thought-provoking anecdotes.

You can obtain it in two ways:

(1)        To obtain a paperback version at an extremely favourable price covering only the direct costs of printing, go to (or any other Amazon site) and enter ‘Lindell Hercules’ in the search box. Or:

(2)        To download a PDF, completely cost-free, click here

The first two books, Pandora’s Box and The Sword of Damocles, cover the history of radiation and protection from ancient Greece to the early use of x rays and radioactivity for medical and other purposes, and the development and first use of nuclear weapons. Both books have received rave reviews, e.g., in the Journal of Radiological Protection. You can get them here. The final part (The Toil of Sisyphus) is currently being typeset and will be available in the next few months. Please watch this space!