Coronavirus and the IRPA15 International Congress (Seoul, 18-22 January 2021)

The four-yearly IRPA International Congress is scheduled to be held in Seoul, South Korea, on 18-22 January 2021. The Organising Committee are of course very well aware of the current world challenge relating to the Covid-19 virus, and the uncertainty that this presents in organising such large congresses.

Whilst we continue to make arrangements for an in-person conference in Seoul, we also recognise that this must be supplemented by on-line 'virtual' availability for those speakers and delegates who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend in person.

There are many details which need to be addressed as to how the scientific programme can be managed in such a hybrid event, not the least of which is taking account of international time zone considerations. We are currently assessing the options available to us.

We will make further details available as soon as possible, and we intend to give a further update towards the end of September.

We thank you for your patience, and ask you to bear with us as we develop our plans for this event. We undertake to keep you informed on all matters as we confirm our arrangements.

The IRPA General Assembly is of course also scheduled to take place during the Congress. The IRPA Executive Council are considering how to ensure that all relevant parties can properly engage in this important assembly, including the possibility of electronic virtual participation. As above, we will keep you informed as the plans develop.

Thank you for supporting us at this challenging time.


Jong Kim IRPA15 Congress President
Roger Coates IRPA President

1 September 2020