IRPA 15 Congress Update

We are pleased to announce a further update on plans for the IRPA15 Congress in January 2021. In essence what is being developed is a hybrid event. There will be a short focussed in-person conference in Seoul on 18/19 January, but we expect that the overwhelming majority of international delegates and presenters will join a virtual on-line congress over a slightly extended period. There will be ‘live’ sessions over the two week period 18-29 January, although the majority of the congress presentations will be pre-recorded and available on a ‘click and play’ basis extending for a further week (three weeks in all), including the Refresher Courses and all papers and posters. This will give a different congress experience, but it does make it more accessible to the worldwide radiation protection community. We encourage all those who have submitted papers/posters to engage with this new format, and for the rest of our profession to take advantage of this great new learning opportunity. For the latest news keep in touch with the website