Nordic Society For Radiation Protection



The Nordic Society for Radiation Protection was established on June 10th 1964 at the initiative of professor Rolf Sievert. He arranged the first meeting, which included persons active in radiation protection from all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Already the same year the society became a member of IRPA (the International Radiation Protection Association). The first general meeting (conference) was held in Stockholm in 1966. Subsequent general meetings have been held in Oslo (1968), Copenhagen (1971), Helsinki (1974), Visby (1977), Reykjavík (1981), Copenhagen (1984), Mariehamn (1987), Ronneby (1990), Kristiansand (1993), Reykjavík (1996), Skagen (1999), Åbo (2002), Rättvik (2005), Ålesund (2008), Reykjavik (2011) and Roskilde (2015). The next meeting will be held in Helsinki in June 2019.


The society is dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge and experience on protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. This covers a.o. radiation protection for workers, patients being subjected to irradiation for diagnostics or therapeutic purposes and protection of the public in general. This work is mainly done through arranging general meetings (conferences) within the Nordic countries, where members can meet and exchange views and information. These meetings are held every fourth year (until 2011 every third year). The scope is generally wide and presentations can be given by invited speakers. If needed and it is assumed practical, smaller meetings can be arranged on specific topics. The Society is connected to the international community of radiation protection societies through its membership of IRPA.

General Assembly Delegates

2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Siiri-Maria Aallos-Stahl
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Christian Bernhardsson
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Ritva Bly
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Virva Nilsson
2016-2020 General Assembly Delegate: Jens Sogaard-Hansen