International Congress Support Committee

This committee is responsible for soliciting and coordinating the distribution of financial support for the participation of students and young professionals from developing countries, as well as participants from countries not currently associated with IRPA. The chairperson of this Committee is appointed by the Vice-President for the International Congress with the concurrence of the President of IRPA, and the committee is responsible to the International Congress Organizing Committee.

The chairperson of the IRPA Montreal Fund Committee is an ex officio member of the Committee, with voting privilege. Representatives of the organizations from which support is expected should be considered for appointment as members of the Committee. Solicitation of support from IRPA for IRPA 16 shall be directed to the chair of the ICSC (email and visit the IRPA 16 website for more information). Upon request, IRPA would contribute an amount to the International Congress Support Committee from the Montreal Fund, which the Support Committee would distribute appropriately.