The September 2021 IRPA Bulletin (2021) is online!
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IRPA mourns the loss of Wolfgang Weiss,
Webinar: Fukushima health monitoring
IRPA Bulletin 29 is now posted
Webinaire EDF -IRPA - "Fukushima: 10 years on - An update on thyroid ultrasound examinations and affected population"
Reminder: The IRPA General Assembly is on 14 January!
2021-01-12 IRPA EC
IRPA EC Releases 2016-2020 Term Report
2021-01-09 IRPA EC
IRPA is very sad to note the passing of the last of IRPA's founders, Rupprecht Maushart
Second consultation on a draft IRPA Guiding Principles on Reasonableness in Optimisation of Radiation Protection
2020-11-06 IRPA EC
Welcome Chile!
2020-11-04 IRPA's newest Associate Society
IRPA 15 Update: Reduced Fees and Programme Outline
2020-11-03 IRPA 15
IRPA15 General Assembly and Associate Societies Forum
2020-10-22 IRPA EC
European Atlas of Natural Radiation just released
2020-10-22 Reference values and harmonised data for the scientific community and national authorities
Practical Guidance for Engagement with the Public on Radiation and Risk
2020-10-01 IRPA EC
IRPA 15 Congress Update
2020-10-01 IRPA EC
Coronavirus and the IRPA15 International Congress (Seoul, 18-22 January 2021)
2020-09-01 IRPA
IRPA Commentary on Radon Dose Coefficients
2020-08-25 IRPA EC
International Conference on Education and Training in Radiation Protection Call for Abstracts
2020-07-16 ETRAP
Bo Lindell's Full 4-Book Series is now available for free in English