Societies Admission and Development Committee

The objectives of the Societies Admissions and Development Committee are:

  • to encourage and support radiation protection societies which have not yet done so to apply for Associate Society status in IRPA according to the rules of IRPA and to be responsible for advising the Executive Council on the merits of each such application received; and,
  • to support and encourage the development of professionalism in all Associate Societies through the identification and sharing of good practices in the operation and activities of societies, and to support collaborative working on the development of additional relevant practices and activities.

Societies Admission and Development Committee Terms of Reference


Chair: Christopher Clement (CRPA, HPS, JHPS, SRP), CANADA
Member: Joseph Amoako (GARP), GHANA
Member: Ana-Maria Bomben (SAR), ARGENTINA
Member: Cameron Jeffries (ARPS, HPS, SRP), AUSTRALIA
Member: Hiroko Yoshida (JHPS), JAPAN