Executive Council

The Executive Council has the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of the Association performing those functions as are provided for in the Constitution or by direction of the General Assembly.


President: Bernard le Guen (SFRP), FRANCE
Vice-President: Christopher Clement (CRPA, HPS, JHPS, SRP), CANADA
Vice-President for the International Congress: Kevin Nelson (HPS), USA, nelson.kevin2@mayo.edu
Executive Officer: Ana-Maria Bomben (SAR), ARGENTINA
Communications Officer: Dave Niven (CRPA, CRPA, HPS), CANADA
Financial Officer: Sigurdur Magnusson (NSFS), ICELAND
Executive Council Member: Joseph Amoako (GARP), GHANA
Executive Council Member: Marie-Claire Cantone (AIRP), ITALY
Executive Council Member: Claire-Louise Chapple (SRP), UNITED KINGDOM
Executive Council Member: Klaus Henrichs (FS), GERMANY
Executive Council Member: Cameron Jeffries (ARPS, HPS, SRP), AUSTRALIA
Executive Council Member: Hiroko Yoshida (JHPS), JAPAN