Executive Council

The Executive Council has the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of the Association performing those functions as are provided for in the Constitution or by direction of the General Assembly.


President: Roger Coates (SRP), UNITED KINGDOM
Vice-President: Eduardo Gallego (SEPR), SPAIN
Vice-President Congress Affairs: Jong Kyung Kim (KARP), KOREA
Executive Officer: Bernard le Guen (SFRP), FRANCE
Publications Director: Christopher Clement (CRPA, HPS, JHPS, SRP), CANADA, clement@irpa.net
Treasurer: Sigurdur Magnusson (NSFS), ICELAND
Executive Council Member: Ana-Maria Bomben (SAR), ARGENTINA
Executive Council Member: Marie-Claire Cantone (AIRP), ITALY
Executive Council Member: Alfred Hefner (ÖVS), AUSTRIA
Executive Council Member: Klaus Henrichs (FS), GERMANY
Executive Council Member: Hiroko Yoshida (JHPS), JAPAN
Member: Andrew Karam (CRPA, FS, HPS), USA