Montreal Fund Committee

You can now donate directly to the IRPA Montreal Fund through PayPal! Simply click the donate button below.

IRPA gratefully acknowledges the following Associate Societies who contributed to the Montreal Fund in 2023:

The Montreal Fund is providing support in the amount of $ 30 000 USD to enable eligible individuals to attend the IRPA 16 International Congress in Orlando in July 2024. This leaves less than $ 30 000 USD in the Fund for future support. Increased contributions to the Montreal fund are therefore urgently needed for continued support at the same level as now.

We strongly encourage those Associate Societies who are able to contribute to the Montreal Fund this year. Your support will help increase participation at future IRPA Congresses by those who may not otherwise be able to attend the IRPA Regional Congresses in 2026 and the IRPA 17 International Congress in 2028. The need for support is increasing and increased contributions are urgently needed.

The Montreal Fund was created in 1995 by the Canadian Radiation Protection Association with the proceeds of the IRPA-8 International Congress held in Montreal, Canada, in 1992. The fund is used to enhance radiation protection worldwide by supporting attendance of young professionals at IRPA Congresses. The Fund was transferred to IRPA in 2005 with a total amount of $75,000 (Canadian).

It is managed by the IRPA Montreal Fund Committee which is chaired by the Financial Officer and includes the President, Vice-President and Executive Officer. The Committee has the responsibility to recommend to the Executive Council the amount available each year for distribution and the amounts to be distributed based on the requests received. The Montreal Fund is supported by contributions from Associate Societies and other stakeholders.

Distributions are made to support participation at IRPA regional and international Congresses by students and young professionals, preferably from developing countries and countries that do not have IRPA Associate Societies. They are normally made directly to the selected individuals or through the International Congress Support Committee. Individuals are selected in accordance with the Montreal Fund Committee Terms of Reference. Congress Support Committees are expected to provide an accounting of funds distributed (including names of recipients) to the Treasurer in due course following the closing of a Congress.

Recent support provided by the Montreal Fund:

Year Regional Congress Support IRPA Congress Support
2008-2012 $16 000 - Nairobi (Kenya) and Medellin (Colombia) $21 800 - IRPA13 (Glasgow)
2012-2016 $6000 - Rabat (Morocco) $26 000 - IRPA14 (Cape Town)
2016-2020 $8430 - Tunis (Tunisia) $30 000 - IRPA15 (Seoul)
2020-2024 $13 520 - St. Louis (USA), Accra (Ghana), and Santiago (Chile) $30 000 - IRPA16 (Orlando) upcoming event


Chair: Sigurdur Magnusson (NSFS), ICELAND
Member: Ana-Maria Bomben (SAR), ARGENTINA
Member: Bernard le Guen (SFRP), FRANCE