UNSCEAR Report on Levels and Effects of Radiation Exposure due to the Nuclear Accident After the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Issue #1 of the IRPA Bulletin is Now Available!
For comment: Occupational Radiation Protection (IAEA DS453)
2014-03-12 IRPA EC
Vice-President Roger Coates Represents IRPA at the IAEA International Experts Meeting on Radiation Protection after the Fukushima NPP Accident
IAEA International Experts Meeting
Thyroid Cancer Workshop (including Registration and Hotel links)
Request for nominations for 2016 Sievert Award
BSS Directive Published in the Official Journal of the European Union
IRPA North American Workshop on the Ethical Dimensions of Radiological Protection
Season's Greetings from Renate Czarwinski, IRPA President
FORO-IRPA Cooperation Agreement
Former IRPA president Nettie Beekman passed away
The Book "Radiological Safety and Quality" Has Been Published
Report of IRPA Task Group on the implications of the implementation of the ICRP recommendations for a revised dose limit to the lens of the eye
2013-12-02 IRPA
IRPA European Presidents' Meeting - report from Roger Coates, IRPA EC
2013-11-01 IRPA EC
Presentation of President Renate Czarwinski to the ICRP Main Commission during ICRP 2013 in Abu Dhabi
2nd International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine, Varna, Bulgaria, 30 May – 2 June, 2014
2013-10-04 RPM2014
Abstract Deadline Approaching: IAEA International Experts Meeting on Radiation Protection after the Fukushima Daiichi Accident
2013-09-17 IAEA
IRPA 13 Proceedings Go On Line
2013-09-17 IRPA
4th European IRPA Regional Congress - Abstracts due Sept 15
2013-09-05 IRPA EC
IRPA Seeks Comments on IAEA GSR7 "Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency" by Sept 30
2013-09-05 IRPA EC
Draft IAEA Document on Occupational Radiation Protection
2013-08-22 IRPA EC
IAEA International Experts’ Meeting on Radiation Protection after the Fukushima Daiichi Accident (2014 Feb 17-21)
2013-07-28 IAEA
IRPA Seeks Volunteers
2013-07-22 IRPA EC
4rd African Regional IRPA Congress (AFRIRPA04) First Announcement
2013-07-18 Moroccan Association of Radiation Protection
50th Anniversary: UK Society for Radiological Protection
2013-06-11 UK Society for Radiological Protection
Comments Invited: IRPA Task Group on Implementation of Revised Dose Limits to the Lens of the Eye
2013-05-30 IRPA & UK Society for Radiological Protection
Upcoming Asian and European Workshops on Ethics of Radiation Protection
2013-05-30 KARP (Korea), AIRP (Italy), SFRP (France)
In Memoriam: Klaus Duftschmid
2013-04-10 Reproduced with permission from the Health Physics Journal June 2013
US EPA Seeks Comments on 'Radiation Protection Guidance for Diagnostic and Interventional X-Ray Procedures'
2013-04-04 US Environmental Protection Agency