NORM & Natural Radiation Management North America Conference 2013
2013-01-17 Informa
Summary of the 64th IRPA Executive Council Meeting
2013-01-15 IRPA EC
ICNIRP's Call for Nomination to IRPA Societies
2012-12-10 ICNIRP
IAEA Conference on "Radiation Safety in Medicine - Setting the Scene for the Next Decade"
2012-11-13 IAEA
ICNIRP/WHO Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection in Medicine
2012-10-16 ICNIRP/WHO
Consultation on: The State of Radiological Protection - Views of the Radiation Protection Profession
2012-10-02 IRPA EC
ICRP Seeks Nominations for Committee Membership
2012-10-02 ICRP
IRPA President Participates in HPS Annual Meeting
2012-09-12 IRPA EC
ICNIRP 7th International NIR Workshop, Edinburgh 2012 - Videos Available
2012-09-12 ICNIRP
ETRAP 2013 Call for Papers
2012-08-21 ETRAP
International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine
2012-06-25 IAEA
5th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection - ETRAP 2013
2012-05-26 IAEA
ICMP 2013 - International Conference on Medical Physics
2012-02-21 IOMP
New ICRP Draft Report for Consultation
2011-08-18 ICRP
Richard Osborne to Receive Sievert Award
2011-08-18 IRPA EC
SEPR General Assembly Endorses Spanish Translation of IRPA Guiding Principles for Stakeholder Engagement
2011-08-18 SEPR
Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Problems
2011-05-28 IAEA
Nordic Society for Radiation Protection Conference
2011-05-18 NSFS
Second IRPA International Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture
2011-03-03 IRPA EC
History of IRPA
2010-11-27 IRPA EC
ICRP Symposium on the International System of Radiological Protection
2010-11-03 ICRP
ICRP Launches New Web Site
Ibero-American Forum - FORO - A Radiation Protection Resource
8th South American IRPA Regional Congress
UNSCEAR 2008 Report, Volume I Published
3rd European IRPA Regional Congress
Hans Menzel Elected ICRU Chairman
3rd Asian and Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress
HPS and AAHP Endorse IRPA Guiding Principles for Stakeholder Engagement
IRPA Submits Comments on BSS Revision