US EPA Seeks Comments on 'Radiation Protection Guidance for Diagnostic and Interventional X-Ray Procedures'
2013-04-04 US Environmental Protection Agency
IRPA Supports Translation of Bo Lindell's Works
2013-03-15 IRPA EC
40th Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society (Sept 1-5, 2013, Dublin)
2013-03-06 Irish Radiation Research Society and the UK Association for Radiation Research
Seeking Comments on IRPA Guideline on RP Culture
2013-02-06 IRPA EC
Welcome to the New IRPA Website
2013-02-01 IRPA EC
NORM & Natural Radiation Management North America Conference 2013
2013-01-17 Informa
Summary of the 64th IRPA Executive Council Meeting
2013-01-15 IRPA EC
ICNIRP's Call for Nomination to IRPA Societies
2012-12-10 ICNIRP
IAEA Conference on "Radiation Safety in Medicine - Setting the Scene for the Next Decade"
2012-11-13 IAEA
ICNIRP/WHO Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection in Medicine
2012-10-16 ICNIRP/WHO
Consultation on: The State of Radiological Protection - Views of the Radiation Protection Profession
2012-10-02 IRPA EC
ICRP Seeks Nominations for Committee Membership
2012-10-02 ICRP
IRPA President Participates in HPS Annual Meeting
2012-09-12 IRPA EC
ICNIRP 7th International NIR Workshop, Edinburgh 2012 - Videos Available
2012-09-12 ICNIRP
ETRAP 2013 Call for Papers
2012-08-21 ETRAP
International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine
2012-06-25 IAEA
5th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection - ETRAP 2013
2012-05-26 IAEA
ICMP 2013 - International Conference on Medical Physics
2012-02-21 IOMP
New ICRP Draft Report for Consultation
2011-08-18 ICRP
Richard Osborne to Receive Sievert Award
2011-08-18 IRPA EC
SEPR General Assembly Endorses Spanish Translation of IRPA Guiding Principles for Stakeholder Engagement
2011-08-18 SEPR
Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Problems
2011-05-28 IAEA
Nordic Society for Radiation Protection Conference
2011-05-18 NSFS
Second IRPA International Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture
2011-03-03 IRPA EC
History of IRPA
2010-11-27 IRPA EC
ICRP Symposium on the International System of Radiological Protection
2010-11-03 ICRP
ICRP Launches New Web Site
Ibero-American Forum - FORO - A Radiation Protection Resource
8th South American IRPA Regional Congress
UNSCEAR 2008 Report, Volume I Published