Practical Guidance for Engagement with the Public on Radiation and Risk
2020-10-01 IRPA EC
IRPA 15 Congress Update
2020-10-01 IRPA EC
Coronavirus and the IRPA15 International Congress (Seoul, 18-22 January 2021)
2020-09-01 IRPA
IRPA Commentary on Radon Dose Coefficients
2020-08-25 IRPA EC
International Conference on Education and Training in Radiation Protection Call for Abstracts
2020-07-16 ETRAP
Bo Lindell's Full 4-Book Series is now available for free in English
Japan Health Physics Society - 29 June Webinar on Tritium
2020-06-16 JHPS
Education and Training during Virus Lockdown
2020-05-06 IRPA EC
ICRU RELEASES REPORT NO. 94, Methods for Initial-Phase Assessment of Individual Doses Following Acute Exposures to Ionizing Radiation
2020-04-16 ICRU
New Guidelines Released by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
Bo Lindell's History of Radiation, Radioactivity, and Radiological Protection, Third book, The Labours of Hercules, now also available for free in English!
IRPA announces postponement of the IRPA15 Congress
ICRP Announces Freeing of the Annals
ALARA and Reasonableness
Conclusions from IAEA Meeting on Radon Dose Coefficients
2020 Sievert Award: Professor Eliseo Vano
IRPA15 Oral Abstract Deadline Extended to October 31
2019-10-04 IRPA15
IRPA 15 Second Announcement
English Translation of The Sword of Damocles by Bo Lindell Now Available!
IAEA Director General Amano
2019-07-25 Roger Coates
Register by 15 July 2019 for The Third Edition of the International Radon Intercomparison
English Translation of Pandora's Box by Bo Lindell Now Available!
IAEA Webinar on Radon in Groundwater - 12 December
IRPA Presdent Participates in Panel Discussion on Future Perspectives on Radiological Protection
2018-12-06 IRPA EC
IRPA President Presents at 13th Nuclear Inter Jura Congress
2018-11-22 IRPA EC
Abstract of the 72nd IRPA Executive Council Meeting, June 2018
2018-11-06 IRPA Executive Officer B le Guen
IRPA15 launches website and issues 1st Announcement
Webinar on Lens of the Eye
IRPA Comments on ICRP Draft Report for Consultation: The Use of Effective Dose as a Radiological Protection Quantity
2018-08-01 IRPA EC
IRPA Launches New Website!
2018-06-27 IRPA Commission on Publications