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Refresher Courses

Refresher Course Title Authors Presentation
RC1 Biological effects of radiation. Professor Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff Powerpoint with Audio
RC2 An Effective Communication Tool for the Public: The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale - INES. Dr. Cynthia Jones Powerpoint with Audio
RC3 Radiation detriment: evolution of its estimation and its role in the RP system. Dr. Thierry Schneider Powerpoint with Audio
RC4 Optical radiation safety. Dr. John O’Hagan Material Unavailable
RC5 Design of medical facilities: radiotherapy shielding design. Dr. John Harrison Powerpoint with Audio
RC6 Conducting effective stakeholder involvement. Dr. Helen Grogan Powerpoint with Audio
RC7 Fundamental principles and recent developments in internal dosimetry. Dr. George Etherington Powerpoint with Audio
RC8 Training workers in RP for a safer work environment. Mrs Vivra Nilsson Powerpoint
RC9 EMF Measurements for health and risk assessment. Dr Carolina Calderon and Mr Darren Addison Material Unavailable
RC10 Radiation protection issues for novel radionuclide therapies. Wendy Waddington Powerpoint with Audio
RC11 Supporting stakeholder needs for information and facts. Dr Brooke Rogers Powerpoint with Audio
RC12 Radiation protection in NORM industries. Ms Karin Wichterey Powerpoint or Audio
RC13 Safety and security in the transport of radioactive materials. Stephen Whittingham Powerpoint with Audio
RC14 Considerations in estimating public doses from nuclear facilities. Ms Kelly Jones Material Unavailable
RC15 Radiation protection and pregnancy in the medical environment. Dr. Ernest Osei Audio
RC16 Using new technologies in support of stakeholder involvement. Sven Nagel Powerpoint with Audio
RC17 Optimisation of RP for the decommissioning of facilities. Mr Pascal Deboodt Powerpoint with Audio
RC18 Introduction to Post Closure Safety Assessment of near-surface disposal facilities. Dr. Japie van Blerk Powerpoint with Audio
RC19 Emergency management according to new IAEA BSS. Dr. Elena Buglova Powerpoint
RC20 Radiation protection in interventional X-ray procedures. Professor Eliseo Vano Powerpoint with Audio
RC21 Introduction to Post Closure Safety Assessment of deep geological disposal facilities. Dr. Matthew Kozak Powerpoint with Audio
RC22 External dosimetry. Mr Rodolfo Cruz Suarez Material Unavailable
RC23 Optimisation of radiation protection for radon exposure in homes. Dr. Christophe Murith Powerpoint with Audio
RC24 Radiation Protection of the environment. Dr. David Copplestone Powerpoint with Audio
RC25 Radiation protection and dosimetry in paediatric CT. Keith Strauss Powerpoint with Audio