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Young Persons Prize

Young Persons Prize

The Congress issued a special invitation and encouragement to younger scientists and professionals to attend as delegates. Whilst there was no formal definition of ’young’ in this context, it was intended to apply to students and persons in the first ten years of their career in radiation protection, and as such they will only exceed the mid-30s age in exceptional circumstances.

The Congress offered a prize for the best presentation by a Young Professional or Scientist. Candidates were nominated by their relevant IRPA Associate Society. The selected candidate from each Society was guaranteed an oral presentation of their paper at the Congress.

Prize Award: First Prize £1000 Jad Farah France
  Second Prize £500 Olaf Marzocchi Germany
  Third Prize £250 Natalia Shagina Russia

Young Persons Prize Competition Entrants

Society Candidate Paper
Austria Andreas Baumgartner Radiation protection of patients: status of primary standard dosimetry of high energy photon and electron beams in Austria
Belgium Tom Clarijs Implementation of acceptability criteria for medical radiological equipment in Belgium
Croatia Branko Petrinec Cs 137 Inventory in South Adriatic
Czech Republic Miroslav Hyza Monitoring of Radionuclides in the Air in the Czech Republic After the Fukushima NPP Accident
France Jad Farah Library of Mesh and NURBS Female Phantoms for Pulmonary in Vivo Body Counting Studies
German-Swiss Olaf Marzocchi Design and Setup of a New HPGe Detector Based Body Counter Capable of Detecting Also Low Energy Photon Emitters
Hungary Balázs Gergely Madas Possible Consequences of Inhomogeneous Suborgan Distribution of Dose and the Linear No-Threshold Dose-Effect Relationship
Italy Ms Alessandra Pistelli Study on the prevalence of thyroid disease in healthcare workers at University hospital of Pisa in relation with occupational exposure to ionizing radiation
Japan Kotaro Tani Estimation of Radionuclide Biokinetics Dependence on Intake Conditions for Internal Exposure
Netherlands Heleen van Elsäcker-Degenaar Enetrap II: WP5 Develop And Apply Mechanisms For The Evaluation Of Training Events
Nordic Paula Toroi Interpretation of Measured Dose Data in X-ray Imaging
Philippines Ms Maria Kristina Maano Estimation of Occupational Radiation Dose Levels of Interventional Cardiologists at the Philippine Heart Center
Russian Federation Natalia Shagina Evaluation of In Utero Doses from Maternal Ingestion of Strontium Radionuclides at the Techa River
South Africa Muhammad Akbar Modelling and Comparison of Hot Cell Shielding Capabilities during a Criticality Excursion
South Korea Jang Han Ki Probabilistic Radiological Risk Assessments for Radiation Facilities with Vague Information
Spain Ms. Alegría Montoro Assessment of Frequency of Dicentrics of Ukrainian Children from Parents Exposed to Radiation Fall-out After the Chernobyl Accident
UK Izzy Styles Skin dose assessments using Varskin 3
USA Anne Adamczyk Comparisons of Carrington-Class Solar Particle Event Radiation Exposure Estimates on Mars utilizing the CAM, CAF, MAX, and FAX Human Body Models